The perfect mix of rugged and refined

Our gym blends raw steel and reclaimed wood across a unique 7,200 square foot space with four distinct bays. Each bay welcomes fresh air and sunlight, enriching your workout environment. This layout supports a variety of fitness activities, creating an inviting atmosphere that boosts motivation and community engagement. Whether olympic lifting, deep stretching, or participating in a group class, our setting is designed to inspire and support your fitness ambitions.

Train with friends

Clermont CrossFit is more than a gym; it’s a dynamic community supported by dedicated coaches and enthusiastic members. As soon as you enter, the atmosphere encourages you to intensify your efforts and strive a little more each session. We take great pride in our well-maintained facilities and the strong community we’ve nurtured. Embark on your fitness journey with us, and experience continual support and inspiration every step of the way.

Fully-Equipped Facility
Professional Coaching
Open Gym
Strong Community


We are located in the Trailside Industrial Complex on Old Hwy 50.

Turning onto Old Hwy 50 from Hwy 27 you will pass a 7 Eleven on your right, then you will also pass Mark’s Floors on your right. After Mark’s Floors there is a long green wooden fence also on your right, at the end of the fence make a right hand turn into our complex.

Coming from Hammock Ridge you will turn Left into our complex directly after the driveway for the Freedom Christian Fellowship church.